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Contest 2: Fanpiction by lxg-club Contest 2: Fanpiction :iconlxg-club:lxg-club 0 6 Contest 1: Winter by lxg-club Contest 1: Winter :iconlxg-club:lxg-club 0 14

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Jason Flemyng - 15 mins by noelle-chan Jason Flemyng - 15 mins :iconnoelle-chan:noelle-chan 8 11 Her Shadow by noelle-chan Her Shadow :iconnoelle-chan:noelle-chan 4 4 Bloody Mina by noelle-chan Bloody Mina :iconnoelle-chan:noelle-chan 4 6 Dr. Jekyll and Dorian Gray by drakenadestroyer Dr. Jekyll and Dorian Gray :icondrakenadestroyer:drakenadestroyer 8 3 Sad Shirtless Dr. Jekyll by drakenadestroyer Sad Shirtless Dr. Jekyll :icondrakenadestroyer:drakenadestroyer 5 7 Mina, Henry and Tom by drakenadestroyer Mina, Henry and Tom :icondrakenadestroyer:drakenadestroyer 7 5 Gloomy Dr. Jekyll by drakenadestroyer Gloomy Dr. Jekyll :icondrakenadestroyer:drakenadestroyer 4 14 Rodney Skinner by drakenadestroyer Rodney Skinner :icondrakenadestroyer:drakenadestroyer 23 20 Cat Bat Mina Harker Coloured by drakenadestroyer Cat Bat Mina Harker Coloured :icondrakenadestroyer:drakenadestroyer 12 12 Anthro Tom Sawyer by drakenadestroyer Anthro Tom Sawyer :icondrakenadestroyer:drakenadestroyer 6 6 Anthro Jekyll and Hyde by drakenadestroyer Anthro Jekyll and Hyde :icondrakenadestroyer:drakenadestroyer 9 15 Anthro Nemo by drakenadestroyer Anthro Nemo :icondrakenadestroyer:drakenadestroyer 4 7 Wolf Furrie Dorian Gray by drakenadestroyer Wolf Furrie Dorian Gray :icondrakenadestroyer:drakenadestroyer 3 10 Rodney Skinner Anthromorph by drakenadestroyer Rodney Skinner Anthromorph :icondrakenadestroyer:drakenadestroyer 3 16 Nightmare Style LXG by drakenadestroyer Nightmare Style LXG :icondrakenadestroyer:drakenadestroyer 59 40



An LXG Fan Club!
United Kingdom
Current Residence: sometime in the 19th century xD
Welcome to the League! A club for all you deviants out there that love the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, whether it be the Graphic Novel, or the Movie!

:new: Updates :new:


Super mega belated update! It's been nearly a year since I updated the list 0_o; More new members to welcome to the club.

Welcome our newest members, samuraicat1019 , SophieHatter , Wolf-On-The-Run , AtomykTickTock , EccentricxFeline , candy-quackenbush , TNBCCBARTIST247 , lycanlauren , and Marah

Also, our newest affiliates are, Legolas-Club  Underworld-Fan-Club The-Mummy-Fans 300-Spartans-Club BloodandChocolate-FC  and Lestat-x-Louis-Club

Just a reminder

If you'd like me to take a look at one of your LXG related deviations, don't hesitate to send a note. It might even be +faved! I want to see lots of good fanart coming in.

Wanna be a staff member?

Although we have all the staff required, if anyone else wants to be a Contest Manager (someone who draws prizes for the winners etc) just note the club or noelle-chan saying so!

Joining and Affiliating
Rawr, to join or affiliate, note (Comments on the front page will be ignored from now on) the club, or the manager - noelle-chan saying you want to join or affiliate ^^ simple.

Can I redesign your I.D or Avatar?
I guess if you want to sure ^^ *manager is rubbish at these things* Well, providing it has something about LXG on it, and isn't offensive or anything.

I'm not a huuuuuuuge fan, but can I still join?
Yeh, sure, Just as long as you don't hate LXG!

My Club has nothing to do with LXG, can I still affiliate?
If you want to sure ^_^ Promotion is a good thing ^^


Don't be mean to any one!!! That's just cruel!
At least LIKE LXG. I mean, whats the point in joining if you don't?
You don't HAVE to have like, fan art in your gallery, but if you do, note me! *likes lots of  art*
And if you could put the club's icon in your journal (by doing : iconlxg-club : without the spaces) or in your signature (Icon's don't show, so you'd do : devlxg-club : without the signature) I'd like that a lot ^^ promotion is gooood ^___^


Contest One Closed!
Winner - drakenadestroyer… :winner:

Contest Two Closed!!
Winner - Steampunk-Girl… :winner:

:heart: Pairings :heart:

(Kudos to MelanthaNocturne to coming up with this!)
Jekyll/Mina: The HMS Bloody Facade
Tom/Mina: The SS Damned Yankee
Dorian/Mina: The HMS Eternity
Nemo/Mina: The HMS Red Hourglass

:heart: Slash Pairings :heart:

Hyde/Jekyll: The HMS Shattered Mirror
Tom/Dorian: The SS Wolf and Rifle
Tom/Skinner: The SS Unseen Spy
Jekyll/Dorian: The HMS Tortured Souless
Jekyll/Skinner: The HMS Ignored and Invisible


Manager: :iconnoelle-chan:
Founder: :iconhethien:

Contest Managers :iconx-lost-in-my-mind-x: :iconchewie-: :iconmaganus:

:iconx-lost-in-my-mind-x: :icondrakenadestroyer: :iconchewie-: :iconchronicdoodler: :iconhellbrain: :iconsolitaire-scribbler: :iconvela-draven: :iconladyvanhelsing: :iconsteampunk-girl: :iconnoelle-chan: :iconmelanthanocturne: :iconmaganus: :iconsuicidallove: :icontheweasleyboys: :icongreykitty: :iconbasixofblack: :icondocock-wolf17: :iconmasqueraderidesagain: :iconexpositionavenue: :iconwhitefang1918: :iconsabertoothkitty: :iconchibi-angel: :icondaihelsing: :iconryouji: :iconstarpossum: :iconhatheny-lurey-dralaw: :iconpedigri: :iconwintertears: :iconpoizonmyst: :iconalexisroyce: :iconinvisible-2-all: :iconjiinx: :iconlunamayblack: :iconbefore-i-sleep: :iconcrimsonlegacy: :iconoregonraptor: :iconrogueofrohan: :iconlovelydepth: :iconzer0-devil: :iconmessengerselece: :iconangelfromtheashes: :iconstillsharpe006: :iconvanhelsingfan01: :icondarkinja125: :iconredcrimsonrose3: :iconotherwise: :iconkatrinavantassel:  :iconkurisutarusafaia:  :iconmoulin-rouge-fan09: :iconjessamynvampyredream:  :iconnajlaqamber: :iconbackshadow: :icond-b-a-y-l:  :iconwolfbeaver:  :iconv3rdinha: :iconaiyren: :iconsamuraicat1019: :iconsophiehatter: :iconwolf-on-the-run: :iconatomykticktock: :iconeccentricxfeline: :iconcandy-quackenbush: :icontnbccbartist247: :iconlycanlauren: :iconmarah: .

:iconbeanfans: :iconmoony-admirers: :iconbottlesofhyper: :iconnewrecruitsclub: :iconvanhelsingclub: :iconharrisonfordclub: :iconvampyres-r-us: :iconvanhelsing-fans: :iconsphinx-mummy-club: :iconwonka-lovers-anon: :iconsean-connery-lovers: :iconewan-mcgregor-club: :iconoompaloompafan: :iconnicole-kidman-club: :iconunited-heros: :icondeviant4movies: :iconproject-quantum-leap: :icontherealdavidbowie:  :iconhugoweaving:  :iconjulian-fanclub:  :iconthe-pillbox: :iconmythhunters: :iconlist-inc:  :iconkiller-mcr-gd-lovers:  :iconx-fans: :iconlegolas-club: :iconunderworld-fan-club: :iconthe-mummy-fans: :icon300-spartans-club: :iconbloodandchocolate-fc: :iconlestat-x-louis-club:

Listed At:

:iconthelist: :iconcommunities:

Thanks for the Avatar!


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epicsherlockian6678 Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2010
Could I join? I'm not much of an artist, but if you'd like any fanfiction, I could help you in that area.*likes to write, has an overactive imagination and no life. and is a major Dr.Jekyll fangirl*
RyanMcMurry Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2007  Professional General Artist
Ohh I liked this movie!
PhoenixSparrow Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2007

"omfg robots yay"
lerien Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2006
otherwise Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2005  Professional Filmographer
There is a good bit of love in that silly film. XD
Wickednlazy Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
ooh, an LXG club! I'd like to join, I love both movie and Graphic novel.
oregonraptor Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2005
i want to join! please.
Zer0-Devil Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2005
*Pokes Dr. Jekyll*

flames Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2005   Photographer
An LXG Fan Club!

* is a Deviant of Many Talents
* is a deviant since Aug 3, 2004, 6:09 AM
* has 1,020 pageviews
katie8787 Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2005
I'm afraid I don't have a lot to contribute to this community, but I spotted it, and my picture of Sawyer sprang to mind. I think I also have some sketches or something of LoEG jammed in my gallery/scrapbook somewhere.

Cheers, all.
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